Garlic is one of the most used and healthy spices with some amazing benefits. There are a lot of health benefits of garlic due to which although it is smelly, a lot of people don’t do without adding them in daily food.

It isn’t just a smelly piece of food or a way to add flavors to various dishes. It has a lot more to that. Here are a few health benefits of garlic –

  • A great blood purifier – Garlic is actually a great blood purifier and consuming daily can help you keep your blood sugar on check as well. You no more have to worry about covering up your acne with a load of concealer anymore. Eat two cloves of garlic every morning in the raw stomach with a glass of warm water. Or, if you want you can even squeeze a few drops of lemon juices into a glass of warm water and drink it with two cloves of garlic. You will even shed some extra pounds.
  • Helps in the time of cold and flu – You still remember the days when your granny used to make you eat garlic when you used to have a running nose and sore throat – don’t you? Well, no matter you hated that but that still worked perfectly fine. It is because garlic can keep these diseases at bay and although you have a bad breath, you end up having a better health.
  • Prevents cancer – Garlic have the amazing benefit of preventing cancer. Studies show that consumption of garlic is one of the best ways to prevent cancer to a great extent and it has the ability to strengthen your immunity to a great extent.
  • For healthy hair and skin – If you dream of flawless skin and hair, then garlic is should be your best friend. It prevents your skin from ageing and fungal infections.